Green Events

Keeping your event environmentally friendly is becoming more important than ever, but it takes commitment. There is a difference between wanting to go green, and actually accomplishing the task. The good news is there are many resources on sustainability for event planners to take advantage of, and also great advice.

A good place to start is to formulate goals and research easy alternatives to help achieve those goals. Shawna McKinley, a Sustainability Specialist, wrote a great article for Event Manager Blog that helps event coordinators formulate goals, apply ideas, and take action to create a sustainable green-powered event. Mckinley gives examples of goals:

    1. Reduction: in energy use, carbon emissions and cost
    1. Efficiency: by preventing wasted energy and cost
    1. Innovation: in showcasing unique energy solutions that can enhance event experience and leave a legacy
    1. Engagement: of attendees in adopting green energy choices
    1. Accountability: for those energy-related impacts we can’t avoid through offsetting

CGS is always looking for ways to reduce waste and stay environmentally friendly. Following are some green alternatives for printing graphics we are excited to offer event coordinators:

    • FALCONBOARD®: These boards are made primarily from renewable forest resources and are completely recyclable.
    • BIOFlex Banner Material: This material is great quality and is biodegradable. In landfill conditions, this material breaks down within 3-5 years and also contains no harmful toxins. This product is used for indoor and outdoor banners.
    • Enviro-Tex: This fabric is made with Repreve® yarn. Repreve® yarn is made from 100% recyclable material, conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and conserves petroleum resources by offsetting the need to produce virgin polyester.

All these materials and fabrics provide a simple alternative to help event planners be more environmentally conscious, and it doesn’t stop there. CGS is determined to help reduce waste and energy wherever we can. To see more of Creative Graphic Services’ Green Initiative read about our ECO Concepts!

Information about green products via FalconBoard®, BIOflex, and Enviro-Tex.