Staying at the forefront of technology


HP R2000

CGS has recently expanded its print capabilities with the addition of two brand new HP R2000 Flatbed Printers. Once an impossible feat on a flatbed printer, the revolutionary technology provided by HP’s R-series printer gives us the unique ability to print directly to reflective surfaces such as mirror and reflective vinyl in addition to our stock set of rigid substrates without sacrificing quality. We’re able to print six colors plus white ink to basically any flat, rigid substrate you can imagine, providing our clients with a unique opportunity to achieve essentially limitless design possibilities.

HP Stitch S100

Making its way to our shop in 2019 was the HP Stitch, Dye Sublimation Printer. The sixth machine of its kind to be delivered to the USA does not disappoint. The higher resolution print heads profile beautifully and create even more vibrant prints then we previously offered. Along with an increase in quality, our production time has decreased significantly for all of our fabric prints.

We’re excited to continue pushing our clients’ concepts into reality in 2020!

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