Introducing the Trotec SP500 @ CGS

Adding to the excitement in 2018 is our newest addition to the warehouse: Trotec SP500 Laser Cutter. While offering more diversity to our signage, the Trotec is perfect for engraving wood and cutting polished acrylic among other custom solutions.


Acrylic – Glass – Plastics – Stone – Textiles – Wood


Acrylic – Plastics – Textiles – Wood

Variety’s 2015 Power Of Women: New York

Variety’s 2015 Power of Women: New York event recognized Glenn Close, Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Weisz and Kim Kardashian West for their philanthropic efforts.

The press wall you see here served as a backdrop to all the high profile guests and was printed on a heavy knit material using Dye Sublimation. The press wall was finished with dimensional, painted frames to accentuate the individual portraits. We love the versatility seen making each individual piece come together to create a gorgeous final product.