Vinyl decals have become an essential part of event decor. Whether it be small window decals or an entire vehicle wrap, decals are at the scene of our favorite events. Although complex wraps often require a professional, we have created some decal installation instructions for those “can do” planners we so often work with.

Before installation take into consideration:

  • Size: If your graphic or image is large, consider asking for an extra set of hands.
  • Surface: For temporary use or smooth dry wall surfaces, always use a low adhesive vinyl. Also, be mindful that the color of the vinyl may change on a surface that is tinted.

Common mistakes when installing vinyl:

    • Being unprepared: Make sure to have all listed tools before starting installation. 
    • Surface: Installing decals on surfaces that have not been cleaned, the dust will give the decal a wrinkled or uneven appearance.
    • Squeegee application method: If the decal is not applied in a consistent, slow, top to bottom, or side to side motion, the vinyl will create air bubbles. This will leave you with undesirable results and are difficult, sometimes impossible, to fix.
    • Final tip: Do not rush. Proper instructions are key in a successful installation. Allow yourself ample time to install your decals and thoroughly complete each step before moving to the next.