Turning Your Concept into Green Reality

At CGS, we strive to find green solutions to your needs. Ask us about our Eco Concepts initiative, where we aim to preserve resources and prevent waste through the use of environmentally friendly products.

After all, we only have one planet.

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CGS strives to find green solutions by continually researching and providing the most current environmentally friendly products to our clients. With Eco-Concepts we offer state of the art UV and VOC free printers, recycled and reusable materials, biodegradable banner materials made from biodegradable cotton and biodegradable non-pvc vinyl. We also offer a variety of recyclable substrates and substrates that are made from recycled content.

Green is not just a statement at CGS it is a responsibility. We encourage our production staff to think about not only the fabrication of the items being produced but also how those items can be reused or recycled when an event is over.

CGS is a member of Waste Wise, a program designed by the EPA to help companies of all sizes manage and reduce waste. www.epa.gov/wastewise

While offering Eco-Concepts to our clients we incorporate Eco-Concepts into our daily operations. We are doing our best to minimize our waste output by recycling print cartridges, bottles, cans, cell phones, computers, recyclable plastics, and rather than buying new boxes we reuse all cardboard packaging for shipping. We conserve electricity by using energy efficient lighting, skylights and turning off printers and computers when not in use. Hygienic products at our facility are made from sugar cane replacing paper waste. Currently, we have hybrid company vehicles, and are looking forward to the next wave of hybrid technologies to replace our delivery trucks.